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World-renowned portrait painter inspires DRET students

Budding artists from Lodge Park Academy, Malcolm Arnold Academy and Rockingham Primary School were thrilled to meet world-renowned portrait painter, Jonathan Yeo, as part of a special event last week.
Welcoming over 250 students, the event was the first of a series of art lectures that will give students the opportunity to hear from acclaimed artists.
One of the most highly regarded and innovative portrait painters of his time, Jonathan Yeo is known for his paintings of stars including Kevin Spacey, Cara Delevingne, Nicole Kidman and Sienna Miller, as well as HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and two former Prime Ministers. 
Describing what inspired him, Jonathan spoke about the importance of creativity and innovation in today's society, and his use of new technology throughout his work. 
Jonathan Yeo said: "We live in a world where we are constantly innovating and inventing, the ability to do creative things is incredibly important.
"At school I loved drawing and painting, experimenting with different styles and techniques. Your mind is constantly editing what you see, paintings often reflect the way that you do that."
Sixth Form students from Lodge Park Academy also had the opportunity to showcase their work during an exclusive workshop with Mr Yeo. As part of the session, Jonathan talked through the key techniques of portraiture, as well as the artists that inspired him.
Richard Williams, Director of Academic Studies at the David Ross Education Trust, said: "This has been a fantastic experience for our students. 
"Not only have they had a chance to hear from such an influential and highly regarded artist, but they have been able to see the impact of working hard, pursuing your creative dreams and believing in what you can achieve."