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Broadening Horizons

Thomas Middlecott Academy students tour the Houses of Parliament

Year 11 students from Thomas Middlecott Academy have been finding out more about the UK’s democratic system, as part of a trip to the iconic Houses of Parliament.

As part of their GCSE Citizenship course, students had the chance to have a behind the scenes tour of the historic buildings, including a tour of the Royal Chamber, the House of Lords, Atrium of the Houses and the House of Commons.

Taking part in workshop sessions organised by the parliamentary team, the students also worked in groups to learn about the legal process and the role of the Royal Ascent.

One student commented: “Throughout the day we did so many different activities and found out so much about the history of the Houses of Parliament.”

Mrs Dunning, Teacher of Citzenship at Thomas Middlecott Academy, said: “It is always a pleasure to go on school trips, but this was a real privilege.

“We had the opportunity to find out all about the day-to-day workings on the government and how our laws are made. The students had a fantastic time and it has really enriched their learning experiences.”