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Humberston Academy students visit Poland

During October Half Term, thirty two Year 11 students from Humberston Academy were given the opportunity to travel to Poland with the History department.

The students visited war memorials from WWII and learned about the harrowing events that occurred during the holocaust at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The following day the students, who are currently studying the topic as part of their GCSE course, met with the relative of a survivor of a concentration camp. This allowed them to ask questions about the personal experiences of the families and friends of those affected by genocide.

One of the students sombrely reflected: "We must ensure our generation learns about these horrific events to make sure they never happen again."

On the last day of their trip, students toured Krakow, visiting the 'Old Town Square' and finding out more about modern Polish culture.

Matt Watling, Principal at Humberston Academy, said: “Students were left speechless and sometimes tearful by the harrowing displays at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

“They approached the visit with a great deal of maturity, and I know it has given them a greater understanding of this tragic historic event. Not only will this help to prepare them for their upcoming exams, but it was also ensure that young people are aware of the consquences of this terrible period in world history.”