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Barnes Wallis Academy wins award for supporting young carers

Students and staff at Barnes Wallis Academy are celebrating after receiving the Young Carers in Schools Bronze Award. 

The award aims to celebrate good practice and promote the importance of ensuring that students do not miss out on an education because of their caring commitments. 

David Lancaster, Executive Principal at Barnes Wallis Academy, said: "To achieve the Bronze Award we had to demonstrate that we support young carers in many ways, including homework clubs and drop-in sessions with a member of staff who is responsible for working alongside the students. 

"Vital information about how to identify young carers is made available to all school staff, and noticeboards and the school webpage let students and their families know where to go for help.
"What is most pleasing is the important role that young carers now play in our academy community. Often taking part in fundraising activities and special events throughout the year, they are incredible ambassadors for Barnes Wallis Academy." 
Gail Scott-Spicer, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, added: “Schools play a vital role in a young carer’s life, but many care for relatives without their teachers even knowing what they do. On average young carers will miss half a day of school each fortnight as a result of their caring role, so the steps schools take to identify and support them can have a huge impact on their learning, wellbeing and life chances.”