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Broadening Horizons

Leadership Programmes

The aim is to ensure that the TSA offers a clear leadership pathway that provides effective leadership development and succession-planning resulting in all the academies within the Trust being judged as having good leadership.

Our Leadership programmes, within the Challenge for Leadership umberella, are designed to ensure that our growth as a Multi-Academy Trust remains sustainable. We are committed to ensuring that it is the mechanism whereby we secure a rich vein of high calibre leaders whilst maintaining effective oversight of our existing networks.

We believe it is important to broker expertise from outside and from within our organisation to ensure that our leadership programmes are of the highest quality, designed to complement and enhance the learning provided on other professional development programmes, whether in our own academies or via national providers such as Teach First, Future Leaders Trust, Teaching Leaders and the NCTL.

Our leadership programmes are offered on an annual basis with application and interview (when appropriate) taking place during the Summer Term. Read more about 7 levels of the leadership on offer in the document below.


Middle Leaders

We are working with Teaching Leaders to develop the middle leadership teams in both our primary and secondary academies. The programme has three key aims: 

  • To maximize the impact on pupil achievement and close the achievement gap
  • To improve teacher quality, team performance and motivation
  • To retain the best middle leaders.

TL Fellows is a national programme for middle leaders in secondary schools and we have 10 colleagues studying this.

Developing Middle Leaders is a bespoke programme evolved from TL Schools and it's targeted a to those who are new to middle leadership in primary and secondary schools. We currently have 16 colleagues who are on the programme.

Accelerating Middle Leaders is a bespoke programme developed from TL Schools for existing middle leaders in primary and secondary schools. We currently have 14 colleagues who are on the programme.


Senior Leaders and Aspirant Senior Leaders

We are working with Future Leaders Trust to develop the skills of our aspirant senior leaders and those new to senior leadership to ensure that we are developing the very best Headteachers and Senior Leaders of the future. We use the ‘The Leading Impact - NPQSL’ (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership), which is a programme for senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders wanting to improve their practice.

Leaders within the Trust have helped facilitate the NPQSL so the delivery is bespoke for the needs of Trust. Two cohorts have completed the course and a third will begin in 2016/17. By the end of 2015/16, over 20 colleagues in two cohorts had completed the course and a third cohort of 24 have just begun the qualification.


Principals, Aspirant Principals and Aspirant System Leaders

The TSA is working closely with experienced education coaches and leadership advisors to develop the Trust’s own offer for aspirant Heads, those new to Headship, and those experienced Heads who are aspirant systems leaders, within the Challenge for Leadership framework.

All three programmes will comprise of a mix of professional development days delivered by leaders within the Trust, excellence visits to a variety of academies, masterclasses delivered by external experts in their field, professional coaching and a school improvement / research project.

The course for aspirant Principals will be a one-year programme. Trainees may be recommended by their Principals, ICLs, or may apply themselves and will have to undertake a selection process to gain a place on the programme. The programme for new Principals will last two years and will be integrated with an appropriate induction process. The programme for system leaders will also be a two-years and participants will be highlighted by ICLs and other Trust leaders.

Year Number of System Leaders Number of New Principals Number of Aspirant Principals
2016/2017 10 9 11