David Ross Education Trust

Broadening Horizons


The aim of our CPD is that all staff at all stages and levels have access to a high quality programme of support and development that ensures they successfully secure good teaching. This will result in a positive impact on learning and outcomes in all academies across the Trust. Simply put, it is to enable our teachers to be the best they can be.

This is delivered at a cluster level through the ‘Challenge for Good’ and ‘Challenge for Outstanding’ programmes. Within each cluster, strong classroom practitioners are trained as facilitators, to deliver these five-week programmes. The programmes are based in the Academies and delivered by the Academies. ICLs work with Academy Principals to ensure that the most appropriate teachers engage with the programme so that improvements are focused where most needed.


Challenge for Good

This course is aimed at teachers who would like their teaching to be consistently graded as ‘good’ over time. It has been proven that 80% of teachers move securely into “good” upon completion of the course.

Core objectives

Participants will:

  • Learn the key concepts underpinning ‘good’ practice in the classroom
  • Understand the impact of these concepts on ‘good’ Teaching and Learning
  • Be able to deliver these concepts through consistent practice


Challenge for Outstanding

This course has been developed by the Trust and is aimed at teachers whose teaching is judged to be good and aspire to be consistently graded as 'outstanding' over time. It is also for teachers who have completed the Challenge for Good programme.

Core objectives

Participants will:

  • Look at the pedagogy that underpins outstanding learning
  • Look at classroom data and understand the impact for all students
  • Consider where this might lead – coaching, mentoring, facilitating?